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Rik makes videos of Berlin while riding his bike, and even takes us deep into the heart of the mens room at the Ritz.
vlog by Rik

Annieisms, is it?
19 year old Annie from the suburbs of L.A. is a teen sensation. Don't miss her dancing in her new jeans, it'll blow your mind.
vlog by Annie

In a transition period, Lukas takes us on his journey to become fit and athletic, and to discover the next 10 years of his life.
vlog by Lukas Blakk

Living the vida loca are the kids from the hood, and somehow the boyz got their hands on a camcorder -- watch em freestyle.
vlog by Ben Avilez

Chris Daniel's Video Blog
Bonding with his mother's fiesty dog Pepper, tiny gators, and even a video remix of live demolition. Hey, you got bread on top of your car!
vlog by Chris Daniel

Dennis and Janell Poulette
Living in Mexico, working with Youth Ministry International to train youth workers for local churches, they share their life and newborn with the world.

diariodeviaje: La vida aqui
Hailing from Colombia, Maria opened my eyes even though I don't understand a word of Spanish.
vlog by Maria C Gomez

i am dooser
High School Senior embarks on a journey through emotion, rock-balancing, and an exploration of the self.
vlog by Dooser

In Medias Res
Life in Honolulu, as detailed by a family man. Monorail and haircuts, and a lot of sunshine.
vlog by Ryan Kawailani Ozawa

It's all allegorical.
Annie, 17 and from New Mexico, showcases her life, and her emotions.
vlog by Annie Allegory

Josh Leo's Vlog
Crossing the divide, he makes long-distance music relationships possible, and really shows us what geocaching is all about. High quality site.
vlog by Josh Leo

Maximilian's Vlog
Bizarre cheese-rolling from the UK, barmy remixes, and teeth cleaning goodness.
vlog by Maximilian

Nic's Video Store Room
Venture inside the mind of Malaysian youth Nic.
vlog by Nics Ooi

Ro on Love
Ro seeks to understand love and its myriad ways. Watch him expound and be enlightened.
vlog by Ro

Scratch Video
Moments of life, captured in exquisite detail, sometimes shockingly so. Fish cheeks anyone?
vlog by Charlene

Secret Vlog Injection
Apart from being the Devil, and having a tough girlfriend who can really kick ass, Chuck has also created the Official Blogumentary.
vlog by Chuck Olsen

Small Medium Large
A Californian journey of brightness aims to show us what is good in the world, vs the horror show that is the news.
vlog by Stuart Lawson

Snap Your Dinner
Around and about Manchester, UK. Food, and a trip to Ireland!
vlog by Lawrence Beedle

Steve Garfield's Video Blog
Features the Carol and Steve Show, a real reality TV show, as well as citizen journalism and interviews with internet celebrities.
vlog by Steve Garfield

Italian artist, Daniele, living in Rome, takes us on a tour of his small apartment and his daily life, all in Italian.
vlog by Daniele Tabellini

The Kever Report
Making no bones about his role as propaganda trainee for the US Military, this site is a personal attempt at citizen journalism.
vlog by James Kever

An online-celebrity, Aaron lets us into his life, wife and family, and his inauguration into the 30-pound club.
vlog by Aaron

Verdi Captioned Videos
A selection of Michael's vids that are captioned. Don't miss his high quality videos of Verdi in NYC.
vlog by Michael Verdi

Video of the Moment
Follow Lan through his life: watch two cultures meet at the momentous occasion of his wedding engagement, and see a turtle expound life, and death.
vlog by Lan Bui

From Cambodia, now in NYC, a village girl finds wonderful friends in the videoblogging community to share life's splendor with.

Welcome to Amyville
Amy, of The Statue of Liberty Gang fame, enlivens the internet and East Boston with her joie de vivre. Don't miss the urban cowboy!
vlog by Amy Carpenter

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